10 Ways to Create Your Own Paradise in the Backyard

Any outdoor living space, be it a compact apartment terrace or an expansive poolside patio, becomes so much more inviting once it’s been outfitted with a few creature comforts. In search of ideas to make your garden areas as comfortable as possible, we consulted Jeff Curren of Jeff Curren Interior Design and landscape designer Julian Calderon of Julian • […]



Personality of your home will develop by relating the decor to the life-style of it´s inhabitants.  Broad strokes of character will evolve in your planned atmosphere by evidence of the family’s activities and through beautiful objects and arrangements. Assess each addition you´re planning for your decor in terms of its suitability to the personality your home develops. […]

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Beauty is personal.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is very true in interiors. It is a very personal matter.  It is the one area of decorating that you have complete freedom to let your   personality shine with objects that will delight you and your family.  By using practical sound design principles […]

Suite at Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas


What is atmosphere? It is the blending of the activities that take place in your home combined with your personal tastes. This is required to have a successfully designed home. No longer do most people have the luxury of having rooms that go unused like formal dining and living rooms.  These types of spaces are […] Master BR design


To determine function, first explore how your household lives. For at least a week you should chart the activities of each member of the household. Only then will you see in more detail the cycle of your family´s activities. Look for red flags like, conflicts of noisy times for one person and a need for […]

What Is Your Lifestyle?

As designers, we approach the design of a home not on how it will look, but withhow you will be using it. How you and your family members live your daily lives. What you do in your home. In order to have a successful design you must explore this in depth. This begins the ‘programming’ […]

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Your Special Corner of the World

Your Special Corner of the World   You The key to successful decorating is you…and your family. Way before the paint chips come out, define your lifestyle. Through careful observation, become aware of the rhythms of your family and this will give you great insight into your needs. Your Money In most cases, it´s yours. […]

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Tips on Decorating Like A Pro

This series of blogs is designed to offer useful ideas to make your home the most beautiful,comfortable, functional and fitting to your personal taste as it can be.  Over time, I will provide a complete examination of all the aspects of interior decoration I will reveal the professional approach to decorating that all good designers […]


Inside Out, Outside-In, Interior Design For a Terrace (whether you have on or not!) A Pop-Up shop at the Mercedes Club

Here are images from our pop-up shop `Inside-Out, Outside-In, Interior Design for a Terrace (whether you have one or not!)´ held at the Mercedes Club in Hell´s Kitchen on the west side of Manhattan.  The concept was inspired by the design on the Mercedes House building by architect Enrique Norten.  The beautiful terraced ‘wedding cake’ design […]